Kotlin JVM Main Class Quirk

November 03, 2019

I was having is odd issue where a shaded Kotlin jar wasn't finding it's main class. I searched around and found a few solutions, but oddly while the code looked like the solution, it still didn't work... Currently (Kotlin since M14 including up to…

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Mixing Code with Hobbies Part 3

August 12, 2019

This should be the last part for mixing my development work with my model train hobby. Picking up from the last part, I showed how I put together the hardware to run the motor. Now I'll go over the code necessary to make the two Micro:bit's work…

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Mixing Hobbies and Code - Part Two

June 24, 2019

Last post I explained my fear of burning out as a developer and the fear of ruining even my hobbies by folding in dev work as side projects. In this post we pick up (with excitement) the hardware necessary for the project I settled on. The Parts - A…

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Mixing Hobbies and Code, Part 1

June 09, 2019

Trying not to Ruin my Hobbies Some days when I come home from a rough day of struggling through a problem, As much as I want to code, I'm tired of it. This terrifies me because I like writing code. I enjoy coming up with solutions to problems. I…

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Angular Unit Testing: Mocking Google Places Promise

April 02, 2019

The other day I was trying to use the fakeAysnc helpers in Angular to mock api responses from the Google places api. The methods use async await , but the tests kept failing over promises not getting resolved, then because the test couldn't reach…

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Dependency Injection for ES6 Style AngularJS Directives

February 17, 2017

Note! This is about directives written in Angular 1.4+ in ES6. In case you were thinking this was covering something new for Angular 2… I’ve (and the team I’m on) have been writing our Angular apps with ES6 for awhile now, and one thing that has…

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Beginner Opentype Tip

May 23, 2013

Opentype font features give some pretty wonderful options for a more dynamic typeface. I did run into a couple of small problems setting up contextual substitutes for a script font. The o, v, and w in particular created the need for a special…

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